Whether revitalizing outdated structures or creating new community assets, CCI will be the driving force of your construction team.


The success of a project depends not only on expert craftsmanship, but also expert management as well.


Partner with the CCI team to provide a complete, customized design-build package.


Whether revitalizing outdated structures or creating new community assets, CCI will be the driving force of your construction team.


CCI provides professional, thorough and – most importantly – safe, demolition and excavation services to meet your schedule and budget.


Our talented craftsmen have a broad range of skills and years of experience working on a wide array of assignments.


Polished concrete is an extremely durable, environmentally friendly, andmaintenance flooring choice.


Over the years CCI has built a well-deserved reputation for high quality commercial roofing services.


Our experience and innovation is widely visible all over the country. Learn more about how we value our projects, clients and our relationships.


"…the staff from CCI was very professional and accommodating in getting the old roof replaced. They were responsive to the urgency, coordinated with the furnace contractor, tenacious in working under harsh conditions, and took time to keep the program staff informed."

- Bill Flanagan

"We recently had some water running down our mullion at the entrance to our company. I gave CCI an email and they responded within a day; they then came to assess the problem. The work was complete within a few days with a professional look and no more leak! We were very happy with the professional roofing repair done by CCI roofing."

- Brad Thom

"I would like to thank you and your workers on the excellent roofing jobs you completed at our two Beloit facilities. I was really impressed with your efficiency at removing the old roofing while maintaining the cleanliness of our properties. Your whole crew was pleasant and communicated well with our staff. True professionals…keep up the great work!"

- Ed Mueller

The quality of work, coordination, prompt response and problem resolution were excellent in addition to being cost competitive... On this project, again, prompt response, clear communication and quality work were evident throughout the project. I would highly recommend CCI for any construction projects.

- Industrial Client (production), building renovation

. . . the amount of energy, resources, time and coordination put into the project, given the time span, had an incredible outcome. The project went through several major changes throughout the entire construction process, each time Corporate Contractors not only accepted the changes, but enhanced them to the benefit of the college. I look forward to future partnerships with Corporate Contractors.

- Institutional Client (education), multi-story renovation and expansion

Considering the fact that CCI finished the project in six months while battling the dead of winter, it is still mind-boggling to me that was done with the level of quality and professionalism within this crazy timeframe we established for you. The professional, proactive way that CCI accomplished this facility gives me renewed faith in the in the building process... I highly recommend anyone considering a commercial building project seriously consider your company. You have established an amazing team and should be proud of what CCI represents.

- Commercial Client (data services), design build new construction

CCI successfully anticipated our needs of maintaining operations while under renovation. Given the nature of the project and being under our budget constraints, I don’t think any company could have performed any better than CCI. Keep up the good work!

- Institutional Client (religious), multi-story renovation

Working with Corporate Contractors was an excellent experience. The finished product is fabulous. CCI personnel were very knowledgeable and eager to help. We are very happy with their quality of work.

- Institutional Client (municipal), renovation and build-out

Great people to work with! You were very responsive and readily available to see to our needs at all times.

- Commercial Client (food services), building renovation

CCI was very professional and attentive to our needs. There were several unexpected change orders generated by us that were addressed immediately and caused no delay to the project. Again, CCI delivered an outstanding learning environment to us ahead of schedule and with little worry to us considering the time restraints we had.

- Institutional Client (education), build-out

As the project manager of our church’s $2.5 million construction project, I am very pleased with CCI’s performance, professionalism, friendly spirit, and can-do attitude. It has been a pleasure working with your team.

- Institutional Client (religious), multi-story renovation

Thank you for your constant communication and assistance. Everyone, contractors and all, were very professional. Your project manager was outstanding and excellent to work with. We are proud of this space – it’s a showcase!

- Commercial Client (finance management), office build-out

In all of our dealings with CCI, the project management has been their biggest strength. Things are completed on time and we are always kept up to date. Flexibility to make changes was also very good.

- Institutional Client (financial institution), multi-office build-out

Our performance expectations from CCI were not only met but were very much exceeded. Their self-imposed deadlines were met and our project was on time and on budget with no surprises... No matter what the request, it was completed without issue and we were treated with a great deal of respect for the unique needs of our industry.

- Institutional Client (financial institution), building renovation

CCI was committed to getting the job done right – even with few plans and within a tight schedule. There was great flexibility on this job.

- Industrial Client (manufacturing), building renovation

CCI did a great job for us on this very difficult redevelopment project!

- Industrial Client (manufacturing), building renovation

This was an extremely challenging project. CCI’s coordination and professionalism in handling the details was very impressive and was crucial in the final product. They placed a high priority on frequent communication with the development team.

- Mixed-Use Client (commercial/residential), multi-story renovation and apartment build-outs

The conversion is amazing! CCI’s dedication to their customers is demonstrated in all aspects of their service and we consider them a valuable partner.

- Mixed-Use Client (commercial/residential), multi-story renovation and apartment build-outs

Trying to meet timelines for state licensure, while working around clients, staff and programming is never an easy task. The tasks were not only completed in a timely manner, but one of your employees made sure that it was a quality job... I would like to thank you and your organization for the quality work which has enabled us to expand our programs.

- Institutional Client (healthcare), multi-room renovation

CCI’s crews and subcontractors were extremely professional and reliable. They successfully managed several challenges and had a safe worksite throughout the project. No matter what the request, it was completed without issue and we were treated with a great deal of respect for the unique needs of our tenant.

- Industrial Client (mechanical service), building renovation and office build-out

The CCI team completed the work on schedule and was accommodating and agreeable. Your Project Manager and his team worked closely with facility staff to ensure minimal disruptions for residents during the construction. All members of the CCI work crew were consistently professional and responsive.

- Institutional Client (healthcare), building renovation and expansion

The team at CCI did an exemplary job in the organization and completion of the construction of our facility within both time and budget requirements. I would very easily recommend to anyone seeking the best in construction project management to select CCI for their excellent work.

- Industrial Client (food production), building renovation and expansion

CCI was involved in the design process from conception to completion and helped us develop a plan for our “dream” office setting. We were extremely pleased throughout the project with CCI’s crews and subcontractors who worked diligently to remain on schedule and within budget. The results are outstanding.

- Commercial Client (commercial roofing), building renovation and expansion

To say that our new building is magnificent is an understatement! The CCI construction team was professional and on top of all the details of this project. They were customer friendly and creative in meeting the design and functionality needs of our people.

- Commercial Client (exterior finishes), building renovation and expansion

CCI was very professional in handling the project. Their coordination and scheduling made it very easy to plan as a subcontractor.

- Electrical Subcontractor, design build new commercial construction project

“This project presented many obstacles which only allowed CCI to show how diverse they can be. With the experience of a general contractor like CCI and the leadership skills, they brought all the contractors together as one unit... a “Team”.

- Plumbing Subcontractor, multi-story renovation and expansion project

This project was not without its share of issues... Each time, Corporate Contractors provided the professionalism and leadership to resolve the issues without impacting schedule or performance of the trades involved. We look forward to working with Corporate Contractors on future projects, and we know with confidence they will work with diligence to provide the organization and leadership to make a successful project for all parties involved.

- Electrical Subcontractor, design build new commercial construction project

Design build projects have unique challenges, and your company turned these challenges into a state-of-the-art facility. The project was properly manned, tooled, “materialed” and managed. It was a pleasure working with CCI as a subcontractor and being part of such a dynamic renovation.

- Plumbing Subcontractor, multi-story renovation and expansion project

This unique project was most challenging because it not only renovated a 100 year old building, but changed its utilization to a state of the art college facility. The completion schedule was extremely tight, but CCI organized a well designed schedule that allowed everyone time to work toward the common completion goal.

- Mechanical Subcontractor, multi-story renovation and expansion project

The level of supervision & professionalism provided by CCI allowed our part of the project to move smoothly and on time.

- Painting Subcontractor, design build new commercial construction project

This project presented many challenges in regards to degree of difficulty & accelerated completion schedule. The level of supervision & professionalism provided by CCI allowed these challenges to be managed in a professional manner which allowed the project to move smoothly and on time.

- Painting Subcontractor, multi-story renovation and expansion project

CCI has been one of our top customers over the past decade, and their ability to manage, schedule and complete projects on time and within budget has been at the top of their field. Their creativity and ability to work with owners and end users is extremely flexible and professional.

- Electrical Contractor

CCI’s dedication to quality and integrity made it a pleasure to work with your team. It was nice to work on a project where everyone I dealt with was professional and accommodating. The job coordination was well handled which made maintaining my schedule easier to manage.

- Concrete Subcontractor, multi-phase, multi-building industrial project

Working with Corporate Contractors and their staff was an excellent experience in all regards, and we were excited to be selected to help bring this project to a successful conclusion. CCI knows how to set priorities and deal within a fast paced and challenging environment. They excelled at getting resolutions to the issues that arose quickly and professionally. The coordination by CCI was exceptional.

- Warehouse Equipment, multi-phase, multi-building industrial project

Like many projects, this job had its challenges, and with the assistance of Corporate Contractors Inc we were able to work together as a team and solve these issues as they presented themselves in a professional manner.

- Roofing Subcontractor, multi-phase, multi-building industrial project

CCI was very professional in handling this superior project. Their coordination and scheduling made it very easy to plan as a subcontractor. They communicated very well and took all of the subcontractors under their wing and welcomed them as a part of their TEAM.

- Plumbing Subcontractor, multi-phase, multi-building industrial project

Our experience working with CCI has been very rewarding and we look forward to working with them in the future. CCI understands what it takes to get the job done, done right, and done safely.

- Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings, multi-phase, multi-building industrial project

As the “new kid” in the group I was truly impressed at the flow of work and the ease of coordination between the trades. This level of cooperation existed throughout each construction trade from the owners to the construction crews working in the field. … Your crews were courteous and helpful; your management staff was resourceful and timely in their handling of the construction project.

- Mechanical Subcontractor, industrial renovation project

We were honored to work with your company as a subcontractor. With the scope of the project, CCI was very cooperative and accommodating allowing us to install our equipment with craftsmanship.

- Environmental Subcontractor, multi-story mixed-use facility renovation and build-outs

CCI was an integral member of the project team from the earliest design stages. Their input was instrumental as we resolved design issues in ways that were responsive to both the Client's needs and to the project budget. CCI's willingness to consider alternative design solutions and provide thoughtful feedback on each was key to maintaining design quality within budget.

- Architect, multi-story renovation and expansion (education)

The schedule for this project was nearly unrealistic when comparing its complexity and scope... CCI did a great job keeping up with the schedule, maintaining safety and quality for how quickly and efficiently everything needed to be done. It was well managed and well built.

- Architect, design build new construction (data services)

In our current economy, it has seemed that our ethics have taken a back seat to making profit no matter the cost. Corporate Contractors has remained committed to conducting themselves to the highest of standards. When working with clients, they are fair and work through issues and changes with the highest of integrity.

- Architect

This was a large project spread over several building sites on the property. It was a very successful endeavor from a safety perspective. An OSHA inspection, during the peak of the work, resulted in zero citations. CCI’s commitment to safety was very evident.

- Safety Inspector of an Iowa Builders Association

Throughout the design and construction process, CCI excelled in leading the way. Their particular attention to construction schedule and plan details provided many opportunities to resolve potential conflicts or delays before they occurred. We were particularly impressed with their ability to coordinate the design-build process and work within a very short schedule.

- Architect/Engineer, multi-phase, multi-building industrial project

CCI has a reputation for delivering consistent, high quality construction projects, on time and on budget. … [The City] is fortunate to have a construction firm of CCI's capabilities and professionalism that it can count on to rise to the challenge of any construction project, and I look forward to working with them long into the future.

- City Economic Director