3 Headaches Facility Managers Could Live Without (and how to remedy the cause)

As a facility manager, you’re often tasked with, well, everything. It can be pretty overwhelming to be the person responsible for so much. CCI is here to support you. We work one-on-one to ensure you encounter (at least) one less headache this year.

With winter rapidly approaching, we are about to face seasonal challenges. Residing in the frozen tundra is no joke! Ice, extreme cold, and the busyness of the holiday season make it even more necessary to maintain and keep all assets in exceptional condition. 

We talk with facility managers every day. Here are three major headaches that often come up: 

Equipment breakdowns

Managing a building’s current assets is one of the biggest challenges faced by facility managers. In the middle of the night, an HVAC system can suddenly stop functioning, leaving the building (and all of the people in it) vulnerable to the cold winter temperatures.

To prevent a situation like this, CCI offers customized maintenance and repair strategies. Instead of waiting until it is too late, facility managers can enlist our help with HVAC planned maintenance, boiler service, roofing inspections, and more.

Managing utilities

Buildings of all sizes use a significant amount of energy and natural resources. Facility managers must always search for strategies that reduce electric, gas, and water usage.

With this goal in mind, CCI’s facility services team is always looking for ways to help facility managers meet this objective. One service we offer that helps alleviate this struggle  is our energy savings contracting.

Reducing costs

As costs for nearly everything continue to rise, and as budgets remain stagnant, facility managers are consistently pushing their budgets to the limit. Reducing costs in every area — including repairs and proactive maintenance — is challenging, but a necessity. 

Outsourcing your facility maintenance needs to the CCI team saves you both time and money. We specialize in delivering cost-efficient maintenance that suits your needs without compromising quality.

If you’re in search of reliable contractors to handle all of your facility management challenges, contact us today. You can also check out our comprehensive list of facility management offerings.