Advantages of the Design-Build Construction Method

Advantages of the Design-Build Construction Method

The design-build approach replaces the traditional method of design-bid-build with a collaborative approach that avoids adversarial relationships among the build-team members and offers less risk to the owner. With design-build the contractor and architect/engineer are partnered and work together to serve the owner. The owner, contractor, and architect/engineer work as a team to design and build the project while providing effective solutions to meet the needs of the owner.

More Control & Less Risk

The design-build approach gives owners more opportunity to contribute to the project throughout the process. Consulting with the contractor who heads up the project, along with the architect, clients can have input in the details of the design, choice of materials, and build-team members. Having the design and construction performed by one team, the risk of issues is greatly reduced. The construction team has input throughout the design process and the design team can immediately address any building issues that may arise.

Built-In Value

You’ve heard the adage that ‘The only real opportunity to save money on a project is during the planning stage—beyond that, it’s all about money being spent.’  The key, of course, is a good planning team. Because of the coordination of professional services, design-build optimizes the use of time and money. The result is commonly referred to as fast-track construction, where certain design and building functions can be overlapped to speed project completion. Budgets are also established early in the project. Once basic requirements are defined, long lead-time materials can be ordered early, also leading to earlier occupancy.

Getting It Right

The very nature of design-build enhances accuracy. First, the design professionals work closely with the contractor throughout the project. The builder’s field knowledge can enhance the design by offering practical, money-saving, solutions. Working together also allows for efficient resolution of questions or problems.  And for the building owner, it’s just plain easier to work with one company rather than several.

A More Efficient Process

Design-build offers the ultimate collaboration of architecture and construction. An experienced team of professionals follows the same plans and schedule from start to finish. Transparent communications encourage sharing information with everyone on the project, allowing adjustments to be made quickly and effectively. The team can respond quickly to changes suggested by the client and even consider making other changes if they offer value to the owner.


Communication and decision-making are automatically streamlined. Single-source responsibility also means sole accountability. The contractor oversees and manages every phase, so they assume total responsibility for all results.

Great Expectations

By choosing to utilize the design-build method, you assure yourself a variety of positive results – professional guidance to help define a structure that meets your goals, design and construction services that take full advantage of scheduling and value engineering efficiencies, faster-than-average completion schedules, improved accuracy, easier communications and total accountability.

Working with CCI will take the guesswork out of assembling the construction team. Our experienced professionals will provide the entire package of leadership, direction and execution expertise throughout each creative phase. CCI will provide turnkey service; from guidance at the time the building is but a figment of someone’s imagination, through coordination of design and construction, and beyond.

CCI’s commitment to building trust is reflected in our partnerships. The design-build method empowers your construction efforts and creates positive results for your project.

Here are a few examples of CCI’s award-winning projects:

CCI constructs The Lincoln Academy, Beloit WIThe Lincoln Academy

Beloit, WI: Given an aggressive timeline with no room for failure, CCI and the build-team designed and constructed a remarkable school for scholars to flourish. Overcoming pandemic-related delays, site challenges and more, the team’s expertise, flexibility, and passion ensured its success. The four-level, K4-12th grade public charter school features a gymnasium, kitchen, and cafeteria, 23 hands-on learning labs, conference and administrative areas, library, and special education areas.

CCI constructed the NorthStar Phase 2 Isotope Processing Facility, Beloit, WINorthStar Medical Radioisotopes

Beloit, WI: A building unlike any other in the United States, CCI’s high standards for safety, quality, design collaboration, and flexible project management were evident when erecting an unprecedented Isotope Processing Facility while meeting stringent regulatory requirements for NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes.


CCI renovated a former professional building to become the Hotel Goodwin boutique hotel, Beloit, WIThe Hotel Goodwin

Beloit, WI: An extensive adaptive reuse project that involved the transformation of a three-story former professional office building into a sleek and modern thirty-four-room boutique hotel with a first-floor restaurant and rooftop terrace. CCI provided pre-construction estimates, addressed constructability challenges, and designed the rooftop bar and adjacent garden/park area.

For more information about these and other projects please visit our gallery.

Remember, design-build with CCI puts you in charge.

You’ll find that whatever your project, with the design-build method you’ll benefit from single-source responsibility, faster than average completion schedules, a budget that is always under your control, and complete accountability from day one until the project is finished. Best of all, design-build is a collaborative system that enables you to take an active role in creating your own project.