American Construction Metals (ACM) Parking Lot Project Completed One Month Ahead Of Schedule

We are pleased to announce the completion of the 2,000 square-foot parking lot project at American Construction Metals (ACM). Despite several unexpected challenges, CCI’s excavation team finished the entire project one month early. 

The ACM project was split into three separate phases. This strategic separation allowed ACM to fully utilize their docks, with no interruption to their deliveries. CCI also performed a total renovation of the employee and semi-truck parking lots with zero impact to access for either. The purpose of the renovations was to upgrade the semi-truck area (with the goal of better turnaround), and to create a well-defined employee parking area.


During construction, our team encountered various buried roads, curbs, manholes, and debris that had to be mitigated. CCI’s excavation experts also encountered several areas of ultra-soft, unsuitable soil. We removed and replaced this soil with stone (per CGC) to achieve a solid base for the parking lot.

One of the biggest obstacles we faced was utility heights that differed from our original plan. To overcome this, we worked closely with the site engineer to make all infield adjustments. During this phase of the project, our team also had to get creative to properly work around a large AT&T line.

In one of the final phases of the project, new sewer and water lines were installed into the ACM production area in preparation for a future project. 

ACM now has a completely renovated parking lot that fully meets the needs of their growing organization.

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