Every CCI project begins by fulfilling a client’s vision
and finishes by exceeding their expectations.

We have the capability and capacity to successfully manage your needs and offer an unwavering personal commitment to exceed expectations. Our trustworthy reputation is supported by a solid financial foundation, comprehensive insurance and bonding policies, and a first-class safety program that let our clients choose CCI with confidence.

General Contracting

A united, collaborative team is essential to a successful project.
Whether revitalizing outdated structures or creating new community assets, CCI will be the driving force of your construction team. Working efficiently will ensure the quality of your project from the ground-up. In fact, we create dynamic partnerships with team members who are passionate and mutually committed to work in concert in accomplishing one goal: your satisfaction.

Having unity in our vision, direction and responsibilities is a genuine benefit.alongside the architect, engineers and specialty contractors, we we will ensure the quality of your project from the ground-up. In fact, we create dynamic partnerships with team members who are passionate and mutually committed to work in concert in accomplishing one goal: your satisfaction. Having unity in our vision, direction and responsibilities is a genuine benefit.

Construction Management

At CCI, exceptional outcomes are founded on great relationships.
The success of a project depends not only on expert craftsmanship, but expert management as well. Detailed cost estimates and schedules, efficient construction planning, and close site supervision all play a role.

CCI’s experienced professionals work closely with owners, architects and subcontractors to ensure effective communication and steady progress. We will provide a comprehensive management plan, project oversight, and accurate accounting throughout all phases of your project.

Design & Build

CCI provides the complete package of leadership, direction and execution expertise.
Partner with the CCI team to provide a complete, customized design-build package. Due to the coordination of build-team services up front, the use of time and money is optimized. Our project-specific combination of management skills, trade capabilities and creativity provide you with high-quality, economical solutions and an efficient schedule to open your doors on time.

By choosing to follow the design-build construction method, you assure yourself a variety of positive results—professional guidance to help define a structure that meets your goals, design and construction services that take full advantage of scheduling and value engineering efficiencies, faster-than-average completion schedules, improved accuracy, easier communications and total accountability.

The design-build construction process is the best way to ensure that your highest expectations are met—every time.

Renovation & Adaptive Reuse

Our appreciation of what was inspires the creation of what will be.
CCI’s corporate vision includes a true passion for preservation and a belief that conserving elements of a community’s past enriches its present identity and future cultural heritage. Often, we give structures an entirely new functionality.

For example, by blending much of a building’s original character with modern amenities, we can create a stunning and individualistic office building from an obsolete factory. Our restoration projects range from a complete adaptive reuse of over a million square feet of a manufacturing complex to the conversion of a former water pumping station into a municipal welcome center.

This kind of work takes more than the usual design and construction expertise. It also demands an informed vision, strategic planning, meticulous management and consistent communication between clients, designers and the construction team. As our successful renovations demonstrate, CCI has all of these capabilities– and much, much more.

Educational Services

Wisconsin’s K-12 school districts are shaping the future of our state, yet are expected to deliver as never before while managing extremely tight operating budgets. Maximizing your district’s resources is critical to serving the needs of the district and the community alike. From VISION to BUILD, CCI can help!

Career & Technical Education (CTE) Program Development
Creating skills for life … CCI will work closely with your district to engage the community, create partnerships with local industries, and develop a curriculum based on local needs.

Referendum Strategy
Charting a course for success … CCI’s proven strategies support administrative and board objectives by demystifying the referendum process, understanding the community, and working with all stakeholders to create a unified vision.

Navigating ACT 32
Saving dollars for your district … Working together with your district, CCI will help develop an action plan that utilizes exemptions for energy-conservation projects.

Steve McNeal, Ed.S | VP of Educational Services
Over the course of his 35-years in education, Steve not only formed partnerships and implemented advanced career and technical education programs, he helped pass four diverse referendum campaigns.

Not certain where to begin or how to proceed? Contact Steve today and let his vast experience work for your district.

Demolition and Excavation

Nothing achieves quality results as effectively as experience.
CCI provides professional, thorough and – most importantly – safe, demolition and excavation services to meet your schedule and budget. Our expert team has decades of experience in a broad range of services from demolition, excavation, and land clearing, to site development and more. Fully-outfitted with our own diversified fleet of machinery and equipment, CCI can handle projects of all sizes and complexities. With a companywide commitment to global conservation standards, we make every effort to meet all environmental compliance initiatives including the effective recycling of demolished materials.

Commercial Roofing

Innovative roofing solutions tailored to your needs.
Over the years CCI has built a well-deserved reputation for high quality commercial roofing services. Accredited industry professionals, our roofing associates are not only well-versed in new installations, repairs, inspections and warranty work, they’re experts in the latest roofing products, installation procedures and safety precautions. Combining the latest in technology with years of proven experience, CCI is able to offer our clients a full range of quality services at highly-competitive prices including:

• Roofing Evaluations
• Bi-Annual Inspections
• Cleaning and Debris Removal
• Preventive Maintenance Program
Roofing Installations
• TPO Systems
• EPDM Systems
• PVC Systems
• Metal Systems
• Emergency Response & Repairs
• Single-Ply Systems
• Shingles
• Metal Roofs
• Built-up Roof Systems
• Drain Repairs

Carpentry and General Trades

CCI offers an unmatched assortment of skills and strengths.
CCI’s carpentry team specializes in meeting the project needs of a diverse clientele. Our talented craftsmen have a broad range of skills and years of experience working on a wide array of assignments. From multi-phased new construction to tenant renovations, they’ve successfully completed projects of all types and levels of complexity.

Further, working with CCI means you always enjoy the benefits of competitive pricing, high-quality workmanship, exceptional service, and a crew that adheres strictly to safety guidelines on the worksite. Strict quality control measures and innovative building strategies further ensure your project moves along on schedule, efficiently, and on track with your budget.

Services Include:
• Metal and wood stud framing of walls and partitions
• Finished Trim and Molding
• Hardware and Fixtures
• Doors, Windows and Cabinetry Installation
• Selective Demolition
• Insulation
• Drywall Repairs or Modifications
• Painting Touch-ups
• Drop Ceilings
• Floor Leveling and Repairs

Concrete, Masonry & Polished Concrete

Rock-solid solutions that go above and beyond expectations.
As a trusted partner, CCI’s Concrete and Masonry Division is the best choice for your concrete and masonry needs. An extremely versatile and experienced team of professionals, projects of all sizes benefit from our creative designs, attention to detail,  as well as our remarkable ability to offer custom solutions to meet your unique needs.

Built on a strong reputation of exceptional service and unmatched craftsmanship, we offer a vast amount of quality concrete services. From sidewalks to stone walls and factory floors, our resourceful team of expert tradesmen have vast experience and go beyond expectations to ensure your project is completed to your requirements.

Concrete Services Include:
• Sidewalks
• Retaining Walls
• Structural Pads
• Footings and Foundations
• Interior Floors
• Roadways
• Curb and Gutter
• Pools and Pool Decks
• Concrete Patching
• Colored and Stamped Concrete
• Exposed Aggregate

Masonry Services Include:
• Stone Work
• Concrete Block
• Brick Masonry
• Masonry Retaining Walls
• Restoration and Tuck Pointing

Polished Concrete Floors

A new generation of flooring where the possibilities are endless!
Polished concrete is an extremely durable, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance flooring choice. Utilizing special equipment infused with industrial diamonds, CCI is able to turn one of the oldest building materials – concrete – into one of the newest, greenest, and most affordable flooring options available. Highly reflective and projecting a rich, clean look the finish is not only permanent and more resistant to marring, it also improves traction.

Easy to clean and maintain, it’s no wonder polished concrete floors are fast becoming the favorite choice of designers, architects and contractors for retail and manufacturing facilities, hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants, show rooms, warehouses and garage areas. Even previously installed concrete floors can be completely transformed into beautiful reflective surfaces with minimal disruption to operations. Decorative options and colors can be creatively customized to meet a variety of requirements.

CCI employs dedicated crews who are able to travel across the U.S. transforming your concrete floors. Whether planning a new project or enhancing an existing floor, look to CCI for cost-effective, long-lasting polished concrete solutions.

• Polished Concrete Floors
• Floor Prep, Grinding & Buffing
• Polyurea Joint Filling
• Colorful Concrete Stains and Coatings
• Decorative Logos and Graphics