CCI will “Deliver the Promise”

CCI Will Deliver the Promise

The CCI team began 2022 with the following objective: “Deliver the Promise.” Yet, what initially began as a guiding principle for the year has evolved into a long-term vision for the company.

How it started

At a meeting in 2021, our leadership team was tasked with establishing strategic goals for the coming year. In addition to elevating our customer experience, team building, workforce development, and meeting financial goals, a common theme that arose was keeping promises.

Even our late founder, Ken Hendricks, believed in the value of keeping your word. He was quoted as saying: “Don’t make promises you can’t keep; once made, keep them.”

After a continued discussion around this theme, the leadership group agreed on the fundamental idea that, if everyone does what they say and takes ownership of the final results, we’ll become an even better company. Hence, “Deliver the Promise” was born.

“If you make a promise, keep it!”

Great brands are built from the inside out. To get the ball rolling on our driving mission for 2022, each member of our team is holding themselves accountable to the fundamental phrase, “If you make a promise, keep it!” Although it sounds simple, being cognizant of promises made to each other creates an added layer of trust and awareness to not disrespect or let someone down. We would much rather over-deliver than over-promise and fall short.

We are focused on our mission to continue delivering our daily promises, to ourselves, to our team, and to our business clients and partners. Whether it be a commitment to make dinner or to meet a deadline, it is everyone’s goal and personal responsibility to each other and to our company to keep our word and show that we value each other and are committed to a successful outcome.

Promises to our customers

Above and beyond promises made internally, the promises CCI makes to our clients take center stage. On top of making our customer experience intentional and consistent, we are devoted to providing the “WOW” factor in every interaction. It takes all of us at CCI to “Deliver the Promise,” and give our customers an unforgettable and positive experience.

When combined, our brand is the promise. Through our continued devotion to teamwork, consistent process delivery, and commitment to delivering outstanding results, we’re thrilled to prove that team CCI is passionate about earning your trust and providing valued construction solutions as promised, with integrity and respect.