Celebrating CCI Women Trailblazers in Construction

(Photo by Kevin Harnack)

The sixth annual awards and networking event hosted by The Daily Reporter turned the spotlight on 50 exceptional women in the construction industry, igniting inspiration and admiration for their groundbreaking contributions. Among these remarkable honorees were CCI’s own Melanie Mussey and Julia Randles, who stood tall as symbols of empowerment and achievement.

Melanie Mussey – Paving the Path with Precision

Melanie Mussey

Melanie Mussey, a self-proclaimed “numbers girl,” has woven her expertise into the fabric of the construction industry throughout her career. At the forefront of CCI’s acquisition of Lowell Custom Homes, Melanie displayed her mettle by gracefully navigating the challenges of adapting to new accounting processes and software. Amidst her existing responsibilities, she exhibited dedication that spoke volumes.

Homer Auge, CCI’s chief operating officer, commended Melanie’s unwavering commitment to her role, mentioning, “Even more, Melanie is known to work over holiday weekends to ensure payroll is completed and she is always one of the first associates to ask for opportunities to give back, help others and attend workforce development training sessions.”

Melanie finds gratification in overcoming the intricacies of her job, embracing the constant evolution as a means to sharpen her skills. Her role’s dynamic nature aligns with her enthusiasm for learning, as she seeks out avenues to enhance productivity within her team. Notably, in 2020, Melanie spearheaded the “Power of Us Scholarship” initiative, displaying her dedication to nurturing the next generation of construction professionals.

Through her participation in CCI’s Dream & Wellness Committee, Melanie’s influence extends beyond her professional capacity. By organizing engaging activities and fostering mentorship opportunities, she embodies the essence of growth and community building.

Julia Randles – Designing Dreams into Reality

Julia Randles

Driven by an early affinity for art, fashion, and interior design, Julia Randles’ path naturally led her to a career in the design field. Growing up with a carpenter father, her childhood surroundings kindled an appreciation for transforming spaces. Her journey at CCI commenced as a CAD Youth Apprentice, and she diligently advanced while pursuing her education.

Homer Auge praised Julia’s penchant for embracing new challenges, underscoring her ability to manifest client visions through innovative design solutions. As a contributor to the Skills USA Carpentry Challenge, Julia not only brings her expertise to the table but also mentors budding talents, drawing from her own formative experiences.

Julia’s commitment to giving back is palpable in her involvement with programs like Skills for the Future Youth Apprenticeship and Hendricks CareerTek’s architectural design initiatives. By uplifting students and sharing her knowledge, she not only furthers their growth but enriches her own journey in the process.

CCI’s Pride in Accomplishment

Melanie’s and Julia’s accomplishments reverberate through our company with an undeniable sense of pride. Their dedication, innovation and mentorship are not just a testament to their own excellence but also a reflection of CCI’s commitment to fostering an environment where trailblazers flourish. As CCI looks ahead, it does so with the assurance that the impact of these women will continue to shape the future of construction.