Rock-Solid Solutions That Go Above and Beyond

Our Midwestern work ethic coupled with decades of experience generates an unmatched craftsmanship. Our reputation for creativity and attention to detail wasn’t born in a day. We have spent decades perfecting the fine art of masonry and concrete installation in a wide variety of styles and applications.

Our experienced team of professionals is well-versed in projects of all sizes. Our versatility and veteran status allow us to exceed expectations in projects of all sizes and even create custom solutions to meet your exact needs.

We implement our core values and commitment to our client’s vision with every project we undertake.

Years of experience. Highly-competitive pricing. Professionals you can trust. That’s CCI.

Inspired Concrete Design Services

We offer a vast variety of concrete services. The temperamental weather of the Midwest requires high quality and long-lasting concrete solutions. Our experienced tradesmen are masters of longevity and successful client outcomes.

We built our reputation on attention to detail. Factors such as soil quality, temperature fluctuations, load-bearing limitations, and moisture levels are all carefully considered by our experts.

We offer a diverse selection of concrete services ranging from interior to exterior design.

• Sidewalks
• Retaining Walls
• Structural Pads
• Footings and Foundations
• Interior Floors
• Roadways
• Curb and Gutter
• Pools and Pool Decks
• Concrete Patching
• Colored and Stamped Concrete
• Exposed Aggregate

Professional Masonry Services

Whether you’re undergoing new construction or looking to bring a building back to its original glory, our masonry experts have got you covered. Our experts are seasoned in a wide variety of building materials such as stone, brick, and concrete. No project is out of scope. No matter what type of work you need, we’ll make sure to go above and beyond expectations to create a successful solution for your business.

Our masonry services include:

• Stone Work
• Concrete Block
• Brick Masonry
• Masonry Retaining Walls
• Restoration and Tuck Pointing

A New Generation of Flooring!

Polished concrete is an extremely durable, environmentally friendly, and low-maintenance flooring choice. Utilizing special equipment infused with industrial diamonds, CCI is able to turn one of the oldest building materials – concrete – into one of the newest, greenest, and most affordable flooring options available. Highly reflective and projecting a rich, clean look the finish is not only permanent and more resistant to marring, it also improves traction.

Easy to clean and maintain, it’s no wonder polished concrete floors are fast becoming the favorite choice of designers, architects and contractors for retail and manufacturing facilities, hospitals, clinics, schools, restaurants, show rooms, warehouses and garage areas. Even previously installed concrete floors can be completely transformed into beautiful reflective surfaces with minimal disruption to operations. Decorative options and colors can be creatively customized to meet a variety of requirements.

CCI employs dedicated crews who are able to travel across the U.S. transforming your concrete floors. Whether planning a new project or enhancing an existing floor, look to CCI for cost-effective, long-lasting polished concrete solutions.

• Polished Concrete Floors
• Floor Prep, Grinding & Buffing
• Polyurea Joint Filling
• Colorful Concrete Stains and Coatings
• Decorative Logos and Graphics

CCI Pride

Our experts take great pride in creating strong relationships with our clients by constructing and restoring beautiful properties. Our inspired design is also constructed with the vision of our clients at the forefront.

Over the years we have completed truly innovative projects. Through these relationships, we believe in becoming a part of the communities we serve. From preserving adored landmarks and renovating cherished historic commercial properties, to creating new industrial sights and community assets, our Concrete and Masonry Division is honored to add value to each.


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