Corporate Contractors, Inc and Several Staff Members Recently Awarded Top Accolades

CCI leadership is proud to announce that the company — as well as three of its dedicated employees — have been selected as recipients of several Wisconsin-based awards. This is yet another exciting moment of celebration for the team during the early part of the year.

CCI recently won a prestigious award from the In Business magazine 2021 Commercial Design Awards. The company took home top honors in the “Best New Development or Renovation – Education” category for the Beloit College Powerhouse project. This project was fully completed in August 2020, and was recognized for its innovative design.

Beloit College Powerhouse | CCI | Beloit

One judge from the 2021 Commercial Design Awards remarked: “We have all grown up with old and decommissioned powerhouses … so to see one so thoughtfully and fully realized as a student center is an inspiration in how to capture our shared imagination for what happened in the past and what our future can look like.”

In addition to being acknowledged as a whole, three individual members of the CCI team were recognized as Rising Young Professionals and Icons of Construction. Jose Carbajal, Aaron Combs, and Brad Austin were publicly praised at the March 25th virtual event for their noteworthy contributions and skills.

CCI's Rising Young Professionals and Icon in Construction

Jose Carbajal was commended for his “attention to detail, [which] sets him apart from other young professionals in the construction industry,”— a comment directly pulled from his colleagues. Aaron Combs was lauded for his years of leadership and experience, while Brad Austin was recognized for his lengthy and accomplished career, which began in 1976 when he started work as a carpenter.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone at CCI for their hard work, ingenuity, and dedication. Their consistent push for innovation and top-tier results is the reason that the organization has been able to achieve as much success as it already has in 2021. Our team looks forward to taking on even more challenges, and to continue pushing the limits of what is possible in the construction industry.