Corporate Contractors Inc Project Recognized as a 2022 Daily Reporter Top Project

In Janesville, Wisconsin, a remarkable construction project has recently gained additional recognition for its exceptional design and construction accomplishments. Corporate Contractors Inc (CCI) and the new Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin (HSSW) center recently received honors as a 2022 Daily Reporter Top Project. Recognized as an outstanding project in Wisconsin, the Top Project award showcases exceptional achievements based on the project’s overall complexity, innovative solutions developed, project success, and value to the community. Overall, the 24th annual Daily Reporter Top Project event honored 42 outstanding construction projects and was enjoyed by more than 360 industry leaders.

A Vision for the Future

Designed by Angus Young, the new HSSW complex was an impressive undertaking. The facility, which is situated on 44 acres, is double the size of the previous building and encompasses cutting-edge amenities for both animals and staff. By involving the HSSW staff in the design process, Angus Young and CCI ensured that the workspace would be efficient and conducive to the successful operation of the organization.

Innovative Features for Animal Welfare

The HSSW facility boasts a range of modern features designed to enhance the well-being of its furry residents. Large kennels provide indoor-outdoor access and are accompanied by spacious play yards. The cat and small animal areas are carefully designed to create a comfortable and stimulating environment. Meet-and-greet social rooms allow potential adopters to interact with animals, promoting a strong human-animal bond. The facility also houses exam rooms equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound and x-ray equipment, recovery rooms, ICU and administrative spaces.

Embracing the Community

Recognizing the importance of community engagement, the HSSW facility also offers additional amenities that extend beyond the immediate needs of the animals. Outside the facility, the expansive property features lush vegetation, complete with a stream and walking trails. These outdoor spaces provide a serene environment where community members can connect with nature and enjoy leisurely strolls with their four-legged friends. The inclusion of community/multipurpose rooms further enhances the facility’s capacity to host events and educational programs, fostering a strong bond between the HSSW and the community it serves.

A Team Effort

The success of the HSSW project is the result of collaboration, expertise, and dedication. CCI and the build-team worked tirelessly to ensure the project’s seamless execution. Their meticulous planning, collaboration, and adaptability truly set this project apart. In fact, the ABC of Wisconsin also honored the HSSW project with a Project of Distinction – Excellence in Construction award and it also received a Community Improvement award from Forward Janesville.

Beacon of Hope

The new HSSW facility stands as a beacon of hope, compassion and progress. The collaboration between CCI, Angus Young, and the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin has resulted in a remarkable facility that not only provides a safe and comfortable haven for animals but also fosters a strong connection between the shelter and the community it serves. This project serves as an inspiration for future construction projects, highlighting the positive impact that can be achieved when expertise, vision and compassion come together.


CCI Project Recognized as a 2022 Daily Reporter Top Project - The Southern Wisconsin Humane Society

Award ceremony photo (from left to right): Danielle Borst – AYA, Kristi Reuter – AYA, Jack Hall – HSSW, Jim McMullen, HSSW, Clint Wallisch, CCI and Kevin Day, CCI


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