CCI Custom Fabrication

Custom Fabrication – Bold, Creative, Versatile Solutions

At CCI, unique is what we do best, and custom, one-of-a-kind solutions are our niche. We have a resourceful and dedicated team of in-house experts committed to developing solutions from concept through installation with a customer-focused, results-driven mindset for even the most challenging of custom fabrication projects.

If you think it, we can build it!

Our fabrication capabilities are difficult to list, because with our depth of knowledge and experience our capabilities are quite literally immeasurable, endless and always exceed expectations. From custom furniture pieces to perfectly fit your space and design to heavy equipment attachments, we have the capability to handle it all. We’ve converted a working ambulance to fit into a classroom by removing box from truck, building frames, hoisting the finished model into 3rd floor classroom. We’ve designed and build heavy rack attachments for excavators. We’ve designed and built extremely specialized heavy equipment, stair cases and more to fit into tight, unique, or challenging spaces for our clients. We have no doubt we can find a solution to your custom fabrication challenge.

Quarry Pump Anchor/Cantilever System

Quarry Pump Anchor/Cantilever System

CASE STUDY – Quarry Pumps

With quarries being pushed to new depths to meet demand, pumps to manage groundwater are a vital part of a quarry’s equipment inventory and now must be placed much deeper. A solution was needed to anchor them to limestone walls. Our custom fabrication team determined an excavator could be used to dig down 40ft where a steel plate could be mounted to the existing bedrock as a solid foundation to hold the underground pipes. Our design utilized a deadman concrete block above ground as a counter weight to hold the suspended pipes and silo placed in the pit around the pipes to protect them.

CASE STUDY – Custom Furniture

CCI’s custom fabrication team frequently designs custom, one of a kind furniture for our clients. This custom conference table for Blackhawk Transport features a wood herringbone design, electrical outlets with data; a modified semi-truck chassis, steel axle frame, aluminum frame, working lights, and semi rims/wheels as table legs.

CCI Custom Fabrication


  • Desktops
  • Tables and benches
  • Stainless countertops and sinks
  • Commercial restroom partitions
Furniture & Fixture

Furniture & Fixture


  • Monument signs
  • Multi-tenant panels



  • Rigging and special picks
  • Truck boxes
  • Heavy duty ladders racks
  • Ship ladders
  • Pipe welding
  • Overhauling equipment
  • Heavy equipment repairs
  • Hydraulic cylinder repairs
  • Exhaust repairs
  • Structural boat repairs



  • Canopies and overhangs
  • Staircases
  • Commercial and residential handrails
  • Bridges and walk paths
  • Roof access points
  • Swing and sliding gates
  • Steel siding
  • Trash enclosures
  • Shoring and structural supports



  • Specialty fabrication projects
  • Commercial door installs / repairs
  • Setting headers and structural supports
  • Pier and dock repairs
  • And so much more!

Our Process

Excellent fabrication work takes dedication; at CCI we are committed to our clients and their end-result. This commitment, and our significant experience and industry knowledge, help us instill trust and foster a genuine, collaborative relationship with our customers. With our fully equipped shop and highly specialized tools and equipment, we are ready to make your project come to life quickly and efficiently. From our initial meeting, to our internal design process, timeline discussion, and installation, we work with our customers to identify their unique needs and provide them with a seamless, stress-free process from beginning to end.