The Complete Package of Leadership, Direction, and Execution

Partner with CCI for completely customized design-build capabilities that save you both time and money. We ensure that your solution is adapted to your exact needs.

Our team offers a simplified approach, one that’s based on years of lessons-learned experiences and strives to foresee and eliminate potential challenges.

Through creativity, innovation, expert management skills, and trade capabilities — CCI is able to provide value-added solutions for your project. The design-build method streamlines the construction process, allowing you to open your doors on time (or even early). The ability to have a single point of contact throughout both the design and construction phases of the project not only creates a unique advantage, it forms a collaborative strategy that enhances project outcomes.

CCI’s commitment to building trust is reflected in our partnerships. The design-build method empowers your construction efforts and creates positive results for your project.

A Model for Efficiencies

Take full advantage of the design-build process. This tried-and-true method creates the best possible route to meet your building and construction goals through ultimate collaboration and communication. There are many benefits for going the design-build route. From a single point-of-contact to value engineering input and maximum flexibility — this process is built for efficiency.

Speed up the process with faster-than-average completion schedules

Provide accountability with complete transparency and access from start to finish

Optimal accuracy allows for complete budget control and cost-effectiveness

Improved communication
through a collaborative approach where both design and construction work in tandem

With just a single touchpoint, you’re able to better manage the quality of construction through improved scheduling and budget control. The advantages that the design-build method provides are clear.

Ultimate flexibility from start to finish with expert guidance to complete your projects on time.


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