Empowering Innovation with the Beloit-Make48 Solar Energy Challenge

CCI takes pride in its role within a dynamic community that values innovation, collaboration, and sustainable solutions. Our dedication to supporting pioneering endeavors that drive positive change aligns seamlessly with the recent Beloit-Make48 Solar Energy Challenge in partnership with Alliant Energy. During this challenge, teams engaged in a 48-hour journey of creativity to reimagine solar panel technology. The Lincoln Academy in Beloit, Wisconsin, hosted the competition.

A Legacy of Sustainability Solutions

Make48 orchestrated and facilitated the event, bringing together imaginative minds, resources, and support to craft a transformative experience. The prototypes born from this competition hold the potential to revolutionize solar panel technology, becoming catalysts for a more sustainable world. CCI maintains its commitment to supporting initiatives that spark innovation, cultivate sustainability, and deliver positive change for current and future generations.

Nurturing Creativity with Resources

As an enthusiastic contributor to the Beloit-Make48 competition, CCI recognized the event’s capacity to ignite innovation in solar energy. We were honored to sponsor and provide materials and expertise that inspired each of the eight teams, including one from CCI, on their mission to revitalize with purpose and push the boundaries of solar energy. The teams were tasked with creating new prototypes for Alliant Energy under the theme “Panels to Planet-Repower with Purpose.” Embracing a comprehensive approach to innovation, each team undertook the challenges of conceptualization, prototype construction, development of persuasive sales materials, and crafting engaging marketing videos. The culmination of their efforts was on display as they presented their creations to a panel of judges.

Collaboration for a Brighter Future

Collaboration has always been at the heart of CCI’s mission, and the Beloit-Make48 competition exemplified the essence of teamwork. Over 48 intense hours, the participating teams dedicated themselves wholeheartedly, especially during the final day, crafting compelling sales pitches designed to captivate the judges. As the countdown reached zero, the stage was set, eagerly anticipating the teams’ presentations and the announcement of a winner.

Paving the Path to a Sustainable Future

The Beloit-Make48 Solar Energy Challenge shows what visionary minds can accomplish with the right resources and support. CCI is honored to have contributed to this remarkable journey and eagerly anticipates these innovations’ impact on our communities. As we look ahead, we remain devoted to championing innovation and fostering a brighter, more sustainable future through collaboration and shared aspirations.

Curious about the winner?

The entire Beloit-Make48 Solar Energy Challenge with Alliant Energy event was captured on film and will air on the ‘This Old House’ Makers Channel on Roku (channel 458) in November, where the victor will be revealed. To learn more about Make48 and upcoming events, visit their website at https://www.make48.com/.