Corporate Contractors - Fall 2022 Newsletter

SPEED BUMP Dave Coverly Ancient Map Found In Cellar A stone slab held privately for more than 100 years has turned out to be the oldest known map of European territory, the Sci-News website reports. The Bronze Age map, about 13 feet long by seven feet wide, dates from 2150–1600 B.C., and was originally found in France in 1900. It went to a private collection, then a museum, and was ultimately found in a castle cellar in 2014. The slab appears to depict an area along the river Odet, and the central motif suggests an enclosure in an area with three river springs—the Odet, the Isole, and the Stêr Laër. Archeologists believe the ancient map may have been used to manage the territory and control its land. The slab was used in a burial at the end of the early Bronze Age, and markings that seem to represent the distribution of elite graves in the territory could be linked to soil fertility. Jumpstart Your Morning To Be More Productive At Work Are you as productive as you could be at work? It depends on how you start your day. To get off on the right foot, follow this advice from the website: • Empty your mind. Get rid of extraneous thoughts that might distract you up front. If necessary, write down any ideas or worries and then set them aside so you can focus on your first task. • Don’t check your email right away. Spend 30 minutes or so on something productive before looking at your emails. You’ll avoid getting sucked into nonessential tasks that can derail your productivity. • Avoid meetings. Don’t call a meeting first thing in the morning. We spend enough unproductive time in meetings as it is. Block out a meeting-free zone on your schedule, and attend only the most essential early morning meetings. • Stand up. Instead of settling into your chair first thing, take a short walk or use a standing desk for the first 10 minutes of your day. This can help you feel more energetic and empowered. • Use natural light. Open your blinds to let in the sunshine. It’ll help you wake up and feel more alert. If that’s not an option at your workspace, invest in a lamp that simulates sunlight. • Set—and share—deadlines. Let someone else know when you expect to finish an important task. Keeping it to yourself makes letting it slide too easy. Having someone in on it will help you feel accountable, even though it’s just a co-worker with no authority over you. • Start one at a time. Don’t try to accomplish several morning tasks at once—no matter how easy they are. Focus on just one, finish it, and move onto the next. Allocate blocks of time for specific tasks, with shorter spans in between for miscellaneous jobs. Try These Numbers On For Size You think high school algebra was hard? Try wrapping your mind around these amazing numbers, courtesy of the Cracked website: • To write the largest known prime number in a straight line, you would need a sheet of paper 23 miles long. • Americans use 100,000,000,000 plastic shopping bags a year, enough to stretch end-to-end around the equator twice every day. • A blue whale can eat up to 40 million small krill a day—about 7,900 pounds, which is more than the weight of a Hummer. • A Rubik’s Cube has 45,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible configurations. • There are 12.1 trillion digits of Pi known right now. A piece of paper needed to write them in a straight line would stretch to the sun and back. • LEGO manufactures 125 million bricks a day, more than the number of banknotes the U.S. prints in a day (38 million). • Beetles represent 30% of all known animal species, with more than 300,000 species currently identified. • People send 205 billion emails every day. If you were to print out each one on a separate sheet of office paper—which would consume 25 million trees—the stack would stretch halfway around the equator. “The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority.” —Ken Blanchard