Four Advantages CCI Offers Over Other Masonry Contractors

Masons have been key to the building trade since the days of the pyramids. Aside from meeting the physically taxing demands of the job — mixing mortar, cutting materials and laying brick, stone and cement blocks — masons also read blueprints, make precise calculations and order materials while repairing older buildings and constructing new ones.

At Corporate Contractors Inc. (CCI), we’ve created a talented team of masons who complete projects as efficiently and safely as possible without compromising quality. Whether you’re planning a new construction project or looking to bring a building back to its original glory, CCI’s masonry professionals have you covered. Our team of experts are seasoned in a wide variety of applications. No matter the type of work needed, you can rely on CCI to go above and beyond expectations to create a successful solution for your project. Here are four reasons why you should choose CCI for your next project:

1. Our masons are experienced with restoration projects as well as new construction.

Whether a building is constructed of brick, stone or cement blocks, it will require maintenance and repair work eventually. So, our masons are as expert in restoring and repairing the masonry on older buildings as they are working on new construction. You’ll find that a masonry team with a wide range of expertise can make a huge difference to your budget and the longevity of your property.

For example, one of our clients engaged us to repair several buildings that were originally constructed between the 1930’s and the 1960’s. After the project, they were pleased with the results and sent us this note: “All the projects exceeded expectations and came in under-budget and on schedule. From the project managers to the on-site masons, everyone has displayed professionalism and expertise. We look forward to more successful projects with CCI in the future.”

2. We use the latest technology in the industry to save time and money.

While masonry is an ancient skill, it still has benefited from innovations developed in the last decade. One of these is MULE, an acronym for Material Unit Lift Enhancer. This device is designed to lift and place stone, brick and cement blocks on construction sites more efficiently and safely than by hand. It not only increases the productivity and consistency of projects, it also reduces the cost per block. Just as importantly, it helps reduce the physical exertion needed to lift and place heavy materials. This is especially important to CCI since we do everything we can to ensure the safety and health of our associates.

3. Our team members are certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA’s main mission is to ensure safe and healthful working conditions by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education and assistance to workers in various industries.

But avoiding construction site accidents isn’t only about preventing injury to workers. Accidents can also delay a project and increase construction costs well beyond the original budget. So, it pays to use experienced masons like those at CCI who are well-versed in OSHA safety guidelines.

4. Our prices are competitive — even in these challenging times.

Of course, everyone is concerned about costs, especially in the current climate. But as Grace Ellis explains in her blog for Digital Builder entitled “How to Reduce Construction Costs and Save Money”: “To be truly budget-conscious on a project is less about saving pennies and more about spending time and resources smarter.” Engaging a masonry team that ensures better work, faster and with less risk of accidents, is a good place to start.

Building owners, property managers and general construction firms have all partnered with CCI’s experienced team of knowledgeable, creative and responsive masonry tradespeople. Our versatility and expertise allow us to safely exceed expectations in projects of all types, and even create custom solutions to meet your exact needs. We implement our core values and commitment to the vision of our clients with every project we undertake.

To learn more about why you can trust CCI’s masonry professionals to provide exceptional service, please contact us before you begin your next project. Because, as with any building endeavor, the secret to success is careful planning right from the start. And we’d be delighted to help you in any way we can.