I.d. restaurant now open

CCI completes renovation of Delafield Hotel’s I.d. restaurant

I.d., new restaurant in Delafield Hotel, to open mid-May
Andrew’s Bar & Restaurant previously occupied the space

By Todd Ponat | Lake Country Reporter

City of Delafield — The city’s newest restaurant is getting ready to open its doors.

I.d., housed in the space formerly occupied by Andrew’s Bar & Restaurant in the Delafield Hotel, 415 Genesee St., plans to open in mid-May, according to Jeff Whiteman, director of operations for Geronimo Hospitality Group.

Whiteman said the space has undergone “a complete metamorphosis.”

“I would expect anybody that came in here won’t at all recognize that they’re in the same building,” Whiteman said. “We blew out all the windows and put mostly floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the space so it’s very bright and airy as opposed to kind of dark and intimate.”

Whiteman said the restaurant is still waiting for the delivery of some key items, including dining room tables, and hopes to be able to announce an opening date soon.

Andrew’s served its last meal Sunday, Jan. 3.

Since then, the space has been undergoing a transformation to provide a new look to go with the new name.

“It really has an eclectic mix of new and old, with a lot of different textures and colors and vibrant, different types of artwork, and a completely exposed kitchen space,” Whiteman said. “There’s an industrial feel to it, but a bit of a refined look to it as well.”

That includes the addition of a new outside entrance so customers can access the restaurant without going through the hotel lobby.

Jonna Froelich, the executive chef at Andrew’s, will remain in the same role at I.d.

The restaurant will feature a small plate-driven menu with mostly American fare, including fish, vegetarian and meat items.

“Chef Jonna is very creative about how she uses parts of pork or beef to create some interesting flavors,” Whiteman said. “Really this is an opportunity for her to be as creative as she wants. She’s calling it creative American.”

The restaurant will have seating for about 100 diners, Whiteman said, plus an additional 24 on the veranda during the warm weather months.

Whiteman said about half of the former Andrew’s employees are part of the new operation; about 20 new staff members were hired.