Lowell Custom Homes

Building Memories You Can Come Home To.

Now CCI offers demanding buyers the services of Lowell Custom Homes to design and build the perfect home.

Lowell Custom Homes has built some of the most admired homes in the Lake Geneva and Chicagoland areas over the last 40 years.  Known for superb workmanship, quality construction, and elegant design, the company is also celebrated for exceptional customer service that makes each homeowner a full partner in the design-build process.

Whether you engage Lowell Custom Homes to create a new structure or to remodel an existing one, our talented team of expert craftspeople will execute every detail according to your unique vision. You’ll find that every element of the project — design, materials and building techniques — will reflect and meet your highest expectations.  More than just a place to live, a Lowell Custom Homes residence is built to make your every dream come true.

To learn more about Lowell Custom Homes visit their website.