Polished Concrete: Beautiful, Durable and Adaptable for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Design.

Concrete is one of the oldest and longest-wearing building materials that can be used in all types of construction. Since the 1990s polished concrete has become one of the most popular design options for indoor flooring and is now synonymous with modern luxury and sustainability.

How is a polished concrete surface created?

Polished concrete is created by a multistep process which mechanically grinds a flat layer of concrete to a specified level of sheen. Prized for its beauty as well as its durability, polished concrete can refresh the look of existing concrete floors and impart a sense of splendor to newly installed areas. It’s not only environmentally friendly and cost effective to install, it’s also easy to maintain and adds brightness to dark spaces.

A polished finish can be achieved in a number of ways depending on the condition of the original concrete floor. Assuming that the existing floor is in good condition, it can be polished “as is” to almost any degree of shine. Even if an old floor is in poor condition, it can still be polished by cutting or grinding the surface. If the condition of the floor is very poor, then a topping of concrete can be added to the existing slab.

Polished concrete floors offer a variety of textures and colors.

New floors can be created to have a cream-like texture, a salt-and-pepper finish or one that clearly shows the aggregates in the concrete. Color can be added to the floor as a stain, dye or pigment ranging from neutral gray to a cheery terra cotta red. Even custom logos can be added to the surface. The multitude of decorative choices, along with the material’s durability and ease of maintenance, makes polished concrete ideal for lobbies, office areas, restaurants, municipal buildings, schools, shopping centers, industrial spaces, garages and more.

The quality of your installation depends on the expertise of your contractor.

To take full advantage of all the benefits offered by polished concrete by engaging a contractor with experience in a wide range of such services. Fortunately, CCI’s talented craftspeople are expert in various polished concrete installations. We follow strict safety guidelines, quality control measures and utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment for projects of all sizes.

One of our recent projects was to renovate an old warehouse and install a polished concrete floor topped with a colored epoxy flake. The result was a modern, clean-looking floor that was attractive, highly durable and created the perfect look for the newly updated training facility.

Whether you’re a builder, architect, building owner or facility manager, look no further than the decorative flooring team at CCI to take on your next polished concrete flooring project.  We know how to make old concrete floors look new again, and we create durable, easy to maintain flooring options that last for years to come.