St Charles Catholic Parish

Hartland, WI: A church expansion is underway for St. Charles Catholic Parish, located at 313 Circle Drive. Constructed by CCI and designed Zimmerman Architectural Studios, the church addition will accommodate a growing congregation and school, and will ensure a spiritual home and worship space for future generations.

As the fifth largest parish in the Archdiocese, church leaders completed a feasibility study years ago and recognized that more space would be needed to fully support the surrounding Hartland area. “Our vision is to expand and upgrade our parish in a way that will best serve our parish and community,” stated St. Charles Pastor Fr. Ken Omernick. “We feel we are building a new traditional church that will make our parish and Hartland community proud.”

Several highlights of the project include:

  • Church seating capacity will increase to 1,000 (currently 750), with the option to further expand in the future.
  • Creation of a dedicated Eucharistic Adoration Chapel available for prayer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Dedicated child care space for use during Masses, parish meetings, and events.
  • Energy efficient upgrades.

The existing church will remain operational throughout the construction process, allowing a seamless transition to the new worship space.