Corporate Contractors - Spring 2019 Newsletter

Visit us online at M uch of the daily activities in your workplace depend to a large extent on your communication skills. Doing your job is important, but letting people know what you’re doing—along with understanding what they want from you— is essential to your success and the success of the project you are working on. Here are some top com- munication skills to cultivate: Listening: Learning to express yourself is vital, but understanding what others are communicating allows you to do two things: 1) understand their position and 2) be more specific with your communication. Body language: Nonverbal com- munication sends a powerful message. Be aware of your hand gestures, eye contact, stance, and tone of voice so you don’t undercut what you’re trying to say. Brevity: Going on and on, even when you think you’re right, turns people off. Learn to make your points clearly and concisely, then let others speak. Friendliness: You don’t have to be best friends with your man- agers and co-workers, but you should make an effort to get to know them. Don’t seclude yourself, make an effort to reach out and always be polite. Empathy: Show your understanding of other people’s words and ideas, even if you disagree with them. Who knows, it could turn out their view or approach is the better one. Good meetings and workplace discussions follow some basic rules. Every time you have a significant conversation with a co- worker, customer, or manager—or even informal chat—remember the “3 As” of effective communication: Acquire: Before you start talking, acquire the information you need to conduct the conversation properly. Do your homework and have some ques- tions ready. Don’t go into a discussion unprepared. Acknowledge: Before starting in on your agenda, acknowledge that the other people in the room have points to make, too. Listen carefully and ask questions to identify their issues. Act: When the discussion is over, summarize and act on what you’ve learned. If you’ve made a commitment, follow up. If you’ve promised action, follow through. Don’t let good communication go to waste by failing to take the next step. How To Master the Communication Skills You Need To Succeed administrative office areas. There was not an area that remained untouched by the extensive transformation. “We are proud to honor Corporate Contractors, Inc. with a National Excellence in Construction® Pyramid Award,” said 2019 ABC National Chair Tony Rader, telecom vice president of National Roofing Partners, Coppell, Texas. “The Stateline Family YMCA project shows not only the exceptional talent in our industry, but the overall commitment to building safely, on time and on budget. CCI’s breadth of skills and craftmanship greatly benefits the merit shop construction industry.” The Excellence in Construction Awards program is the industry’s leading competition that honors both general and specialty contractors for innovative and high-quality merit shop construction projects. The award honors all construction team members, including the contractor, owner, architect, and engineers. A panel of industry experts served as the competition’s judges. The winning projects, selected from entries submitted from across the nation, were judged on complexity, attractiveness, unique challenges, completion time, workmanship, innovation, safety, and cost. CCI’s Kevin Day (right) is presented the Pyramid Award by ABC National Chair Tony Rader (left). Visit us online at for more information about Corporate Contractors, Inc., our people, our services and our projects. Award... continued from page 1