Statue honors Ken Hendricks

A remarkable bronze statue that honors the legacy of Ken Hendricks was recently lowered into place along the eastern shore of the Rock River near the Ironworks Hotel in Beloit. The location fittingly overlooks one of Ken’s farseeing revitalization projects, the Ironworks Campus, that with the help of the CCI team, began its incredible metamorphosis nearly 18 years ago into a thriving business district.

Philanthropist, entrepreneur, visionary, leader … Ken will forever remain in our hearts and be a part of CCI’s culture as we look to the future.

A few of Ken’s principles:

“Never wait for something to happen; make it happen, and do it now!” ~ Ken Hendricks

“Let circumstances dictate your priorities; let priorities determine your actions.” ~ Ken Hendricks

“The more you talk, the more likely you are to do nothing else. Results have a way of informing the world.” ~ Ken Hendricks