Studer business challenge for downtown Janesville

Business challenge looks to bring development to downtown Janesville

Author: Jenna Middaugh,
Published On: Jun 29 2016 08:21:45 PM CDT

JANESVILLE, Wis. – A competition in Janesville will give one lucky winner the opportunity to start their own business.

Quint Studer and Rishy Studer are funding the Janesville Business Challenge. Their daughter, Bekki Kennedy, is leading it.

“Quint and Rishy live in Pensacola now, but they did live in Janesville for quite a while,” Kennedy said. “They now have six grandchildren that are growing up in Janesville and three children that live here. So I think they feel like this is home to them. They love Pensacola, that’s their second home, but this is really where they see their roots.”

And their goal is to help develop downtown Janesville.

The Studers are renovating a set of four units on Main Street known as Block 42. Three of the units will be for the Studers businesses, and the fourth one will be awarded to the winner of the business challenge.

“So the Janesville Business Challenge basically offers the winner over $52,000 in prizes,” Kennedy said. “Part of that comes from free rent. The first year is completely free. The second and third years are discounted. It also comes with $25,000 cash to build out that space so it can be exactly what they want it to be.”

A challenge like this is not something new to the Studers.

“Quint and Rishy had done a business challenge down in Pensacola and thought it would be really neat to try it in Janesville,” Kennedy said. “So instead of just having a space vacant for rent, to try and encourage entrepreneurs or people that really had a dream and a passion the chance to make that come alive.”

Kennedy said 40 applications had been submitted for the contest, and there’s a broad range of participants.