Corporate Contractors - Summer 2023 Newsletter

Can You Guess? 1. What is the Statue of Liberty made of? a) copper b) wood c) concrete d) bronze 2. How many lights are on the top of the Empire State Building? a) 200 b) 400 c) 1,000 d) 1,200 3. How long did it take to build the Taj Mahal? a) 12 years b) 20 years c) 25 years d) 7 years 4. How many bricks were used to build the Great Wall of China? a) 1.2 billion b) 3.8 billion c) 4.6 billion d) 5.1 billion 5.How many blocks of stone were used to build Ancient Egypt’s Great Pyramid? a) 1.1 million b) 2.3 million c) 2.9 million d) 3.1 million 6. What is the world’s tallest building? a) Shanghai Tower b) Ping An International Finance Centre c) Merdeka 118 d) Burj Khalifa Answers: 1 (a); 2 (d); 3 (b); 4 (b); 5 (b); 6 (d) Are You Outsmarting Yourself? No matter how smart you are, there’s always more to learn. But some people don’t get that. They’re so impressed by their own achievements that they forget how much they don’t know. Watch for these signs that you may be too “smart” for your own good: • You devote so much energy to convincing other people of your point of view that you don’t take the time to understand theirs. • You haven’t changed your mind about anything in recent memory. • You can’t identify or explain your basic assumptions about people, business or life because they seem so obvious to you. • You’d rather fix mistakes than figure out why they happened. • You rarely read anything for self-improvement or about your industry. Cool Tips to Cope With a Hot Car According to an article in Mental Floss , coping with a hot car usually means a little pre-planning. Parking in a spot with shade is an obvious choice, but that’s not always feasible. Instead, you can put up a sunshade or place a towel over your dashboard to block the sun from heating the surface and use piece of foam—like a drink coozie— over the gearshift. Moving the steering wheel down or turning it upside-down while the car is parked can also keep it out of the sun and cooler to the touch when you get ready to handle it. Once you’re in the car, you can lower the temperature immediately by opening the windows and sunroof to exhaust the hot air. But don’t try to hit the road running. According to Consumer Reports , using your key fob to pre-start your car and letting the AC run before you climb in isn’t going to help all that much. Your AC compressor works best when your engine is working to move the car, not when it’s idle. Once you’re inside, set the AC as low as you can. If you set it higher, the car may actually work to reheat air that’s already cooled, which is counter-intuitive as well as a waste of fuel. How many bricks were used to build the Great Wall of China? 7 Ways To Google Like A Pro Pretty much everything is available on the internet, and Google is one of the main ways people search for information. And while you might think it’s obvious, many internet users don’t know how to use Google search efficiently and effectively. In truth, Googling is an art. To get the right answers, you need to ask the right questions. And to get the right answers quickly, you must know how to ask the right questions. Everyone should learn the how part, and that’s what this article is all about. Below are some helpful tips and tricks you can use to find correct answers to your questions effectively and efficiently. 1. Use quotes to get an “EXACT” match. This means that all the results will include pages that contain all the terms in your question that you put within quotes. 2. Search within a specific site. If you want Google to return results from within a particular website, just add site: before the question you are searching. 3. Exclude a term from search results with a hyphen. If you don’t want a term or phrase to appear in your search results, then just add - in front of that word. 4. Search images by size. If you want to search images of a particular size, then use the tag imagesize: in your search query along with the width and height in pixels. 5. Use a wildcard to make searches. If you are unsure about or have forgotten any term in your search query/question, then use the wildcard * character. Google will replace it for you with relevant terms. 6. Search for a particular file type. If you want to get search results that contain a particular file type such as PDF or PPT, then add filetype:pdf or filetype:ppt. 7. Combine searches using logic. If you want your search results to contain two terms, then put the and keyword in between them.