Our hats off to CCI roofing foreman, JOSE CASIQUE, for helping a single mom when she needed it the most. Over Thanksgiving weekend, he took the time to replace her roof so she and her family could avoid eviction. Here is her heartfelt note…

Dear CCI,

My name is Angel B. I am a hardworking, single mom who also cares for my disabled mom. It is difficult making ends meet. My home is in need of many repairs and is falling down around us. My roof was tarped with Tyvek because it was leaking. I have no money for repairs.

In the fall, a new company, [owner], bought our park. I received a citation in October that I needed to repair my roof. I covered more of the roof with tarps hoping it would be satisfactory. In November, [owner] issued me a 7-day eviction notice. I needed to replace my roof. I talked to my neighbors about my situation. They talked to Jose Casique who is a friend of theirs. They asked if he would take a look at the roof.

Saturday morning, November 26th, I sat on my roof sobbing, praying to God for an answer. I had no way to replace this roof. I had nowhere to go with my family. At that moment, Jose walked up. He saw I was crying, and I asked, “Can you please help me?” Jose said, “What’s the plan?” He looked at the roof and said “Dry your tears. I’ll see what I can do.”

Jose returned with roofing materials donated by CCI. He finished my whole roof at 0 cost to me.

I am deeply moved by the compassion and generosity from CCI and Jose. This truly was a gift from God. I will forever be grateful for the hope you have given me. My family and I are dry and warm with our new roof.

Thank you very much,

Angel B.

CCI Roofing Foreman Replaces Roof