The CCI Game Plan

Ten Reasons You Should Trust CCI With Your Next Project

The CCI Game Plan

1) Comprehensive Game Strategy

Even in uncertain times there are steps you can take now to plan and prepare for a future project. CCI will provide the leadership and vision essential to developing team confidence and creating an innovative plan that meets your goals.

2) Responsive Quarterback

Considering a project can be a daunting task. We see the big picture and will take charge of the team to provide an intelligent single-source, full-service construction approach that is flexible and can pivot to your unique requirements so you can focus on and tackle your business priorities.

3) Bench Strength

You want results. Our project portfolio has exploded over the last few years. This not only allows us the opportunity to continually grow our associates, it offers you an unmatched assortment of strengths capable of completing projects of all sizes and complexities.

4) Focus on Fundamentals

Details matter. From surveys, planning, and budgets to safety and site logistics, CCI is tenacious in developing an exceptional strategy to make certain all aspects of your project are fervently managed throughout each phase.

5) Solid Playbook

We are all in, even when things get tough. Our nearly forty years of thinking outside the box and finding unique solutions has provided our team with the tenacity and lessons-learned know-how to overcome any obstacles that may arise.

6) Team Huddles

To break down any barriers, all build-team members and project stakeholders will meet on a regular basis. Consistent team communication is vital to ensure everyone is held to the highest of standards while remaining unified and informed.

7) No Blindsides

Our comprehensive estimates leave no stone unturned and continue to be extremely competitive within the market. Even more, we bring all key build-team members on board as soon as possible for design, constructability, and value engineering assessments that help identify and resolve possible challenges before they hinder the project.

8) Yards Gained

We are fully aware of the many complexities involved to make forward progress and keep a project on track. With perseverance and an eye on the target, our team will continually evaluate all moving parts and when needed, adjust for the success of the project.

9) Into the Endzone

We don’t quit once we cross the goal line. Along with a comprehensive warranty, we provide training, facility documentation, and more to ensure satisfaction and smooth operations.

10) Beyond the Final Whistle

From our deep roots and dynamic family-oriented company culture to the valued relationships formed, we take great pride in creating a solid foundation and strategy worthy of your trust. The CCI team is passionate about providing you with thoughtful construction solutions and we’re not content unless you succeed.

At CCI, we never let good enough, be enough! Our team’s relentless pursuit of improvement and innovation will help you dial in a unique strategy that converts your project wishes to a win! Why wait? If you are expanding, renovating, or creating new, contact our team today!