Unique Shipping Container Office Build-Out

Making it easy to contain big dreams

Beloit Daily News | November 02, 2018 at 9:42 am  | By Hillary Gavan

BELOIT – Startup companies and small businesses will have a trendy and unique place to set up shop.

In December, shipping containers will be available for rent at Irontek, 635 Third St.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to add to our growing community of startups and entrepreneurs who are passionate about growing their businesses in Wisconsin,” said Irontek Community Manager Erin Clausen.

Construction on the 8,600-square-foot area north of Irontek began this summer. Corporate Contractors Inc. (CCI) prepared the space in anticipation of the shipping containers which began arriving on July 18.

Photo courtesy of Peer Canvas Photography. This shows CCI moving one of the twenty-four shipping containers that were loaded into Irontek before being transformed into unique office spaces.

The shipping containers were purchased from ConGlobal Industries in Forestview, Illinois, and fabricated by SG Blocks before arriving in Beloit.

Shipping container yards across the country are filled with containers deemed unusable and companies are beginning to sell them. Irontek purchased 24 containers in the following sizes: 8×10 feet, 8×20 and 8×40. The offices are dubbed “singles,” “doubles” as well as one large office called “the courtyard” which provides space for up to five team members. The units come with sliding patio doors to allow for natural light to enter the space.

The smallest containers are rentable for $350 a month; doubles, $700; and the courtyard, $1,250.

All of the memberships are month-to-month and include all the same amenities as Irontek such as 24-7 access to the space, Wifi, free coffee and snacks, access to conference space, business mentoring and resources to help the businesses grow.

Irontek plans to start marketing the spaces in mid-November, and tenants will move in during December.