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CCI Dream Builders

CCI’s Dream Builders program provides associates and their family members the opportunity to meet privately with a CCI Dream Coach to help them identify and pursue their personal and professional dreams and goals.

Massive Concrete Pour At NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes

CCI spent several days with the build-team to coordinate, schedule, and manage this massive concrete foundation pour. The foundation slab was 100’ x 100’ x 4.7′ thick using 5000psi concrete with Nova Mesh.

CCI Demolition and Excavation Experts

At CCI, our demolition and excavation division prides itself on providing top of the line services to keep you on schedule and on budget. With decades of experience in a wide variety of services ranging from demolition and excavation to land clearing, site development and more.

CCI Construction Site Timelapse

A busy day on one of CCI’s new construction sites.

A Talented Heavy Equipment Operator at CCI

A first hand look into the day-to-day tasks of a hard-working and talented Heavy Equipment Operator at CCI.

Girls Construction Academy 2018

Presented by Hendricks CareerTek, this academy was all about empowering young women to learn basic design principles and construction skills. They learned hands-on basic design principles they can put to use alongside females who are in the profession.

CCI Limestone Quarry Blast - Beloit

Corporate Contractors Inc - Demolition

CCI’s demolition team make progress at the former multi-level Kerry Ingredients building in Beloit, WI. Concrete debris is being loaded and hauled out for recycling.

Corporate Contractors Inc. (CCI)

A video describing Corporate Contractors Inc. (CCI) and the services CCI provides.

CCI Limestone Quarry and Excavation

Building Demolition by Corporate Contractors Inc. (CCI)

Watch our skilled team of demolition professionals remove a building while not disturbing the existing surrounding structures.

Cornell Water Tower Demolition

Watch the Corporate Contractors Inc., (CCI), team of professional demolition artists safely remove an old water tower and prepare it for recycling.