Corporate Contractors - Winter 2021 Newsletter

“Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” —Maya Angelou What Feeds Your Inspiration? Where do you find your inspiration? The Refinery29 website surveyed its readers on where and when they feel most creative. Here’s what they said: • At night 62% • Daytime 38% • In a coffee shop 35% • At home 65% • Outside 77% • Inside 23% • Listening to music 56% • Nature sounds 33% • Salty snacks 52% • Sweet snacks 48% • Running 55% • Yoga 45% • In a group 28% • Alone 72% Grins & Giggles A police officer was interviewing a bank teller after the bank had been robbed three days in a row. The officer asked, “What did he look like?” The teller responded, “He looked better every time he came here.” A man is wandering through the desert with his horse and his dog. After several hours under the heat of the sun, the dog sits down and says: “That’s it. I’m not taking another step until I get some water.” The man gasps and says: “I didn’t know dogs could talk.” The horse looks at the man and says, “Me neither.” A retired man went to the doctor and said, “Doc, I ache all over. Everywhere I touch it hurts.” The doctor replied, “OK. Touch your elbow.” The guy touched his elbow and winced in genuine pain. The doctor, surprised, then said, “Touch your head.” The guy touched his head and jumps in agony. The doctor asked him to touch his knee and the same thing happened. Everywhere the guy touched hurt a lot. The doctor was stumped and ordered a complete examination with full-body X-rays. He told the man to come back in two days. Two days later the man came back and the doctor declared, “We’ve found your problem.” “Oh, yeah? What is it?” asked the retiree. “You’ve broken your finger.” The MBA: Is It A Wise Career Investment? An MBA degree can certainly enhance your skills, but it represents a substantial investment in time and money. Is the sacrifice worthwhile? If you’re contemplating the pursuit of an MBA, consider these factors: • Goals. What do you hope to accomplish with your degree that you can’t do now? Be clear on your expectations before taking the plunge. Are you looking for increased career options, higher pay, or a new academic challenge? • Alternatives. Find out whether you may be able to achieve any of your goals through some other route: training programs, individual college courses, independent reading, etc. • Obstacles. Take an honest look at your career prospects and how an MBA will affect them. If your age has been a barrier to advancement, for example, how will an MBA help you contribute more to an employer? • Finances. Does your employer offer tuition reimbursement or any other kind of financial support for education and professional development? Find out what kinds of loans or other financial assistance may be available to you. • Programs. Not all MBA programs are alike. Do some research to find out which ones meet your specific needs. • Advice. Don’t make a big decision like this without seeking some advice first. Talk to business school officials as well as alumni of the programs you’re considering. Find out as much as possible about how an MBA can change your life and your career. Find Greater Passion At Work And In Life What can you do to be more productive and passionate about your work and your life? Good question. The answer can be found in asking these questions at the beginning of every day: • Why is it vital for me to involve myself in my work fully and passionately today? • How can my attitude affect the way I respond to stressful situations? • When do I feel most passionate: When I’m working with a customer, solving a problem for a family member, working on a project for myself, or some other time? • Where can I best put my passion to work? With colleagues? Customers? My family? • With whom do I need to spend time in order to do my best work? • How can I effectively align my interests and passion with what I have to do today? • Who am I called upon to be today to best express my passion for life and work?